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Why AKGK Security Guard Management Services

Office Maintenance & Manpower Management
Keeping the security of our client at top of our priority list
We train and maintain our guards to keep them skilled and relevant to the industry.

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Why Our Office Maintenance & Manpower Management Services

Our professionally trained person are quite likely to ask questions as well as give answers. Their own stories are very much part of the experience.

  • Job analysis is the process of determining the tasks that make up a job. It is related with listing out nature of the job and skills, abilities and responsibilities that an individual require to perform that job.

    Job design is a written record of overall summary which tells us about what kind of work should be done, how it should be done and where it should be done. It highlights on the contents of the job and methods of doing it. It clearly states the position of employee performing the job.

    Employee Maintenance refers to the maintenance of employee master data. Allows the management of employee data such as contact information, cost involved and share of compound costs. The sum of monthly costs for an internal resource will be broken down to an hourly rate that is used to calculate costs on activities (project tasks, RFC's, incidents, etc.)

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